Knitting to commemorate the First World War


Knitting for the Allies

Knitting for the Allies

This pencil drawing called “Knitting for the Allies” is on page 2 of the Kharki Knitting Book which was published in 1917. This booklet was printed to encourage people to take up their knitting needles and knit ‘Comforts for the Troops’ during the First World War.

There is also an accompanying anonymous poem entitled
~~~~ Knit Your Bit ~~~~
Swiftly, to and fro,
Let your needles fly!
Be not yours to know
Pause, for tear or sigh.

Stitch by stitch they grow,
Garments soft and warm
That will keep life’s glow
In some shivering form.

Sweater. muffler, sock,
For the soldiers’ wear !
List to pity’s knock –
For those “over there.”

Children’s voices, too,
In the sad refrain,
Wring our hearts anew,
From that world of pain.

Banish for a while
Tints of brighter hue,
Welcome with a smile
Kharki, gray and blue.

Days are cold and drear,
Nights are long and bleak
Thoughts from home are dear,
Where the cannons shriek.

Let some simple thing,
That your hand employs,
Cheer and comfort bring
To our gallant Boys.

May there be no end
To what love supplies !
Thus their share we’ll send
To our brave Allies !

October, 1917


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