Knitting to commemorate the First World War

About Us

A random tweet for volunteer knitters, to help create the costumes for a community-created film about the First World War, resulted in the formation of a community of knitters from Orkney to Omaha. These brilliant and generous people have come together creating an instant and thriving group of researchers, organisers and above all, super-talented knitters – over one hundred of them – all in the memory of the men and their families of the First World War who sacrificed their futures for ours.

The film, Tell Them of Us’ is being made by WAG Screen to mark the anniversary based on the story of one man on one memorial chosen at random. All of the clothes knitted will be used in the film, on the history day and for an exhibition. The more clothes we can create the more people can be involved. We will be knitting everything from the fashionable woollens of 1917 to the soldiers’ comforts (balaclavas and gloves etc) that were knitted for the soldiers on the front line.

There will be many different people blogging from our ‘Okney to Omaha’ skein of sisters (and one brother) – so enjoy our many voices and stories!

WAG Screen is a community group who specialise in making films about Lincolnshire’s history and heritage. We raise the funding to make our own films, which include The Luttrell Psalter Film and The Lady of Shalott. We are a non-profit making organisation with a strong community ethic. We were founded in 2006 as a sister group to Washingborough Archaeology Group (hence WAG Screen).

WAG Screen is made up of individuals with interests in film, photography, the web, period costume, film acting, history and archaeology. Many of us are professionals or have specialist skills and many just want to learn something new. We are all Lincolnshire based (and most in and around Lincoln itself). We have a constitution and a committee, but we don’t have a formal membership structure – anyone can join in our activities and contribute as much or a little as they want. When we are working on a big project WAG Screen membership runs into the 100′s, but in between the membership drops down to the size of the committee.  If you have any questions, or if you are interested in participating in any way, just get in touch.


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