Knitting to commemorate the First World War

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Keep calm & Knit!

Funny thing happened, thought I’d share with you all.
I avoided using this new fangled thing called Twitter for such a long time. Didn’t like the press it got. Then a few weeks ago finally gave in & decided to join in the modern world. Got myself a Twitter account under my cottage industry crafting name @hamenhearth. Well didn’t take long before I saw a tweet from someone I didn’t know, at the time, but it was a really interesting Tweet.
” I am looking for volunteer knitters to help me make woollens for a WW1 film. Patterns & wool provided. Anyone interested? #knitting”
Growing up having heard my parents talk about their wartime experiences and military background, respect for the men who fought in those wars to protect the freedom of their loved ones and empathy for the hardships of their family’s left behind has always been something close to my heart.
Being a devoted crafter and avid knitter how could I resist the call to help volunteer to knit for a film commemorating their memory.
Also it brought to my mind one very special group of knitters on Facebook, a group I joined a while ago and who I have marvelled at many times in their selfless actions knitting for good causes and people & charity’s. Seemed a match made in heaven to me!
I knew I just had to get the film makers and the Facebbok group together. A few simple messages later they were in contact and I have watched in Awe as something very special began to happen.
Many other lovely talented generous people joined us along the way and some amazing organisers surfaced from the ever growing role number.
What a amazing group of knitters & crafters.
I’m sure it would bring a tear to the eye of many a wartime grandmother, mother, wife sitting by her fireside knitting home comforts for her absent family member.
Keep the home fires burning everyone, and keep calm and knit! 🙂
Debbie Garriock, Hame n Hearth Crafts.