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Shawl no.2

The shawl I have bee knitting came along quite quickly towards the end, I added a few extra rows at the end to fit with what we had in mind, when I say ‘we’ that is me and my knitter in crime! (you know who you are!)

Finished the knitting part
Finished the knitting part

last night I sat and cut up pieces of yarn for the fringe, I was very overcome with this feeling of just how many little pieces of yarn I would need and then to attach!! I worked out it was around 600!! and goodness did some of my fellow knitters know about it, I had a good old moan but everyone was supportive!

I wrapped the yarn around a ruler, it was quite a thick one, I did it length ways snipping the top and bottom to get the right length, and I had a nice little heap by the end!

yarn for fringe
yarn for fringe

Then the long drawn out task of putting them all on….

The thing that surprised me the most was that it did not take me long to cut the lengths of yarn at all, in fact it was all done quite quickly, and after attaching a few bits of fringing it became apparent that it wouldn’t take too long, I was originally dreading it but found I quite enjoyed attaching all the yarn…I also miss judged quite how nice it was doing this part of the shawl, it was rather relaxing and quite snug and warm having it on my lap! I will be more than happy to do it again!

And as if by magic….because it had gone so quickly I had one snug and warm shawl!

vintage Victorian shawl with frigw ww1 film




Here is the shawl/scarf that I have been knitting, I had hoped to keep you all up to date – ball by ball, but that went out the window! a shame really but our house was struck down with flu so not much time for blogging…I had hoped to have it finished a lot sooner but it made it there in time so I am happy!

vintage shawl WW1 film

It took a little under a month for me to knit up (with flu) so not bad going really.

I used 10 balls of 4ply yarn (50g) and it measured around 5’5″

4 balls in!

and here is the finished item…before sending it off…


My favorite part to knit was the boarders, each end took 30g of wool (60g for both ends) to knit up and as it was lace work I really got into it.


I did one end while I was really feeling ill, very sleepy so it was nice to be able to knit one scallop then have a nap and do another and nap…..and soon it was done

marker holding the stitch to drop
marker holding the stitch to drop

when casting off the boarder the pattern tells you to drop a stitch…all the way down to the end (1st row) I have to say I found the idea of this very scary even before I picked up my needles! one of my thoughts was, ‘what if I accidentally drop the wrong one!’ it was just waaaay out of my comfort zone and it felt as if I was going against everything we are taught as knitters!

as I was knitting it up dropping the stitch didn’t seem like a good idea, it just didn’t make sense to drop it on that stitch, maybe a few higher, above the scallops, but not were it was suggesting! I checked, and double checked but it was the stitch the pattern said so with a deep breath and some faith I dropped the stitch…

not a great picture but you can see the dropped stitches
not a great picture but you can see the dropped stitches

….well I think my faith was misplaced!! it doesn’t look much like the picture I had! the two scallops on the left and the ones with the dropped stitches, and the ones on the right are the ones that were not dropped! my instincts were right I shouldn’t drop the stitch….at least not there… so I ran to Annie (Knitsofacto) to double check what was right, and to my relief she agreed, so I took to it with a crochet hook and began picking up the dropped stitches…. I have to admit before I did this I thought I would have to rip back the 3 scallops I had already dropped, but to my great relief it was fairly easy to pick up!

so their we have it, a quick run trough of the scarf, I do have more pictures of the progress but I wont bore you with all of them, here is one that I took and realized just how long it was getting!

after 6 balls (i think!)
after 6 balls (i think!)

after this I had to start taking pictures along the back of our sofa as it was getting too long!

The Bendy Knitter x


Knitted Shawl

I am a fair way trough knitting a shawl now, I love this and will feel a little sad to say goodbye to it, I love shawls and this one is right up my ally! With this pattern there seems to be some disagreement as to what size needles you should use, now with shawls sometimes it really doesn’t matter what yarn you use it just means you change the needles depending on the weight and this pattern is one of those, I am using a DK yarn and the pattern says ’8bell gauge’ needles so I researched this and it is apparently a modern 4mm..however the shawls that have already been knitted have used either 5mm or 5.5! so what do I use!?

The pattern was written in such a way that any beginner can understand it which is great however I found it a little too wordy so have rewritten it, I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea at first but then I decided the only way to find the right needle size was to do a few ‘swatches’ of the pattern so was glad I wrote it up as it was much easier to knit without all the words in between!

here are the different samples I knitted up







I have to say I am leaning more towards the 4mm, which is great because I have already started knitting with the 4mm! I know it will take longer but it will look nicer, and it really wont take that much longer, I think as a knitter that is the first thing that goes trough your head when you go down a needle size!? before I did the samples I asked the people in the know, and had decided to knit it up in different needles while I awaited the decision, after all it may have been needed and it would give me peace of mind that it is right!

And the reply to this was to do it in the 4mm which was my original thinking’s,Phew I have done more than enough ripping back in the last few months and relieved that i did not have to do more! It did seem that the size needed has been debated more than a few times but it just seemed right to me that it would be in the 4mm, really should have learned by now to trust myself, I think I was worried about getting it wrong and having to do over once finished!

So Glad I Didn't Have to Frog It!

So Glad I Didn’t Have to Frog It!

It is coming along nicely now and can’t be too far of finishing the main part, can’t wait to add the stripes!!

Juniper x


I Am Getting More Back Than I Put In!

**firstly I had a big typo in my title as it was originally going to be different I have corrected it now and apologies because it did not sound too nice!**

One of the things I love about knitting is that there is always the chance to learn, I have spoken to people who have been knitting for decades and they still find new things to learn even now.

This is one of the reasons I am so happy that I am involved in knitting for ‘Tell Them of Us’ the world war one film, I have picked up a few new techniques by chatting to people and am thank full for this.

But more importantly I have had the opportunity to learn about the history behind it, the people involved, loved ones children even animals doing there bit!

I have learnt a lot about fashion at the time,colors, the way patterns were written, and the food the way of life, I have learnt a little about legal matters such as copy right, the list really could go on! for such a short space of time I have learnt so much!  the opportunity to learn never stops!

We don’t learn about these things in school and I really do believe we should make the most of learning new things all the time! I love researching things, some of my friends will know that if there is something that needs some research than I will do my up most to find what is needed and along the way I love picking up other interesting bits of information, this has certainly been the case when researching knitting patterns, picked up loads of patterns I like that came before and after the period in which the film is set.

For all of us knitting for this film our time is voluntary we are provided with yarn or if we have some in our stash we can use that for some bits, I am very grateful for this as we do not have extra money to spend on yarn, most of mine is stashed away for xmas pressies otherwise I am not sure I would have much, without the yarn being provided i am not sure i could be apart of the project so I really do appreciate it.

But the thing that has really been great about this is not only that opportunity to learn, but the friends made and the way a community can come together even though it is spread around the world.

The people involved in making this happen have put so much time and dedication in to it, it is amazing! They are always busy organizing things and making plans, researching the period and matching yarns we have now to ones around in the early 1900’s and they still find the time to organize us knitters and answer our questions, I am always very grateful for this.

The time we are all putting in is giving back a lot more not only to us but also to the village that this is based upon, the church in the village needs some restoration, the spire has already had to be taken down as it was unstable, he church also holds a commemorative stain glass window of one of the characters (no spoilers!) as this is a true story he was a real man who fought fr us in the war and the church will receive funds for it’s much needed restoration from the film.

As a community we can all lean on each other to chat about our excitement, the yarns we might use and any problems we might encounter, we are now a big and growing community of knitters and I think that we may lean on each other for years to come. Bonds and friendships have been built and I would have thought if most of us were asked to do something like this again we would jump at the chance!

I know I would!!

The Bendy Knitter xxx

Remembrance day is about war!?

I have heard people say remembrance day is about war, is it really?

Whatever I feel about war itself, I do believe that people do their best to protect us and without troops fighting for us in WW1 and WW2 I hate to think where we would be now!

My grandma grew up in Singapore in world war two and she often talks about being occupied by the Japanese, it does not sound nice at all and I now feel lucky that we did not have that in the uk, that is mostly thanks to the men who fought for our right to freedom!

I often question weather we need war these days, no one really wants a war at all but again we are trying to protect those who need it and that is something that takes great courage.

In all wars people are just doing what they feel is right at the time often protecting their own family’s and children, in WW1 and WW2 I am sure that everyone did their best to keep the fight as far away from their own family’s as possible, but as soon as those men left their home, and in the run up, the war was felt in every home, watching loved ones leave and not know if they would return must have been hard! in ww1 few returned home and in ww2 it hadn’t been that long since a lot of people had seen boys leave and not return from the war, they must have felt that history was repeating!

But they swallowed the pain and put their energy into doing all they could, taking the jobs and making clothes, keeping the land and the country running.

I do respect all the troops that fight for us, I may not agree with war but I respect all who fight for us they deserve our respect and not our judgement! and all the mothers wives and children left behind also deserve our thoughts, life cannot be easy for them!

I have learnt a lot in the past few weeks about WW1 the amount of knitting that was done to provide for the soldiers from the tiniest of children sending out socks to the grandmother knitting jumpers and the wives knitting for their husbands that may not come home…this really pulls at my heart strings!

So is remembrance day about war!? NO it is about people! at home and at war!

I will share this again, my thoughts after joining “Orkney to Omaha!” knitters, part of a post on facebook

“…i will not only be remembering the men who gave there lives to make a better world for us to live in but the people at home keeping them all supplied even though for some their hearts were breaking as they worried about their close ones!”

keep them in your thoughts

The Bendy Knitter x

Children knit now and then

I have been thinking,dangerous I know! during world war one children knitted a lot, they were so accomplished and could knit without looking!

I know a little miss j who is just like this, she makes me smile because she wants to learn to knit without looking now, at 8 years, so she can always knit when she is an old lady…

so I have been feeling for a few days that she should be involved in this project and could knit something up just like the children did during the war, today I ran it by the group and it will be great for her, and I am sure for other children to get involved, am heading out soon and hope to ask her 😀

The Bendy Knitter

Recieved Wool!

I received post today … going to knit something with it but not what but not sure what yet

read more about this on my blog here