Knitting to commemorate the First World War

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An extraordinary journey begins…

Orkney_to_Omaha_Badge by Judith Brodnicki

Two weeks ago I casually tweeted for a volunteer knitter to help create the costumes for a community-created film about the First World War and my Twitter account nearly melted! So many wonderful people, from Orkney to Omaha, came together and created an instant and thriving group of researchers, organisers and above all, super-talented knitters – over one hundred of them!

The film, Tell Them of Us’ is being made by WAG Screen to mark the anniversary based on the story of one man on one memorial. All of the clothes knitted will be used in the film, on the history day and for an exhibition. The more clothes we can create the more people can be involved. We will be knitting everything from the fashionable woollens of 1917 to the soldiers’ comforts (balaclavas and gloves etc) that were knitted for the soldiers on the front line.

There will be many different people blogging from our ‘Okney to Omaha’ skein of sisters (and one brother) – so enjoy our many voices and stories!

Pauline Loven, Producer/Costumier WAG Screen.